Curried Butternut and Apples

One of my favorite things about winter is winter squash.  The fact that acorns and butternuts, kobacha, and spaghetti squash are plentiful and cheap is a wonderful thing.

Actually, wait, it’s not one of the things i like about winter, it’s the thing i like about winter.  Cold weather and the sun setting at 6 PM — who can stand this?  At least i have yummy squash to help me get through the cold* darkness.

The only problem being that the squash are pretty big — one of them is more than Minos and i can eat in one meal.  So we chop them in half, and use each half separately.

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South Indian Style Green Pumpkin Soup

I despise winter.  I am, basically, a solar-powered person.  I require sunlight in quantity that i cannot get during the winter.  I mean, it gets dark before 6 PM and that is just wrong.  (Note:  i understand that it gets dark even earlier in my ethnic homeland along Lake Erie, and i do not know how i could have survived such a thing.)


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