Collard Update, 2 Weeks In


We have been experimenting with collard greens lately.  Two weeks ago we made a giant batch of collard green kim chee, and last week we pickled the stems.  Now it is time to check on the progress.




First up, the kim chee.  It has progressed nicely, but i noticed the other day that it looked like it was low on water, so we topped it up on Saturday.  Then, today, Monday, two weeks after we set it to fermenting, we tried it!


Wow.  It is sour and hot and gingery.  Everything you want in a kim chee.  I am looking forward to using this to make a kim chee jeon, but i will blog about that when i do.  Definitely worth the time it took to let this sit.

At this point, we are transferring the kim chee to the refrigerator.  That will slow down the fermentation process, allowing the flavor to mature at a more leisurely pace.

And then there was the collard stem pickle.  It looks good:


And it tastes great!  One week of soaking in brine has softened the tough stems.  Not too much though — they still have a little crunch to them.  But not like the tough fibrosity of the raw stems.

And they taste great, with a hint of that collard bitterness and the salty vinegar of the brine.  Then you taste the dill, which actually works well with the collards.  And the whole thing finishes off with a hint of that red pepper bite.  It’s pretty complex, but good.

Overall, i am pleased with this experiment.  One bunch of collards (that cost $2.50 at my local farmer’s market) has been transformed into some complex, rich dishes in just two weeks.


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