Wild Onion Pickle

We are very excited about our new plot at the local community garden.  Visions of red ripe tomatoes, plentiful cucumbers, grillable eggplants, and fresh green beans fill our heads (idealistically, probably).  In an attempt to involve The Brood, we took them to the plot and had them help dig, pull weeds, and plant seeds.  Number…

Dinner: Lemon Pizza

Fridays have become Pizza Friday around here.  Not that long ago, in an email thread now long lost, we documented a blog with a lemon pizza.  When I found cheap Meyer lemons just after those emails were exchanged, it was clear that Pizza Friday must feature the lemon.  With olives and onions and garlic, it…

Dinner: Stewed Artichokes and Favas

It’s spring and I’ve been craving artichokes.  I have not, however, been craving the work of prepping them.  Having a bag of frozen green fava beans, I bought a bag of frozen artichoke hearts and made a simple stewed version of these with white wine and homemade stock (of which we now have scads).  Along…


After the blood orange marmalade went over well at the last Food Swap, I decided to get serious about making more before the blood oranges disappear from the markets.  So today is marmalade day!  We’re making two variations: blood orange (again) and lemon ginger.  Some day I might try a meyer lemon rosemary.  Hmm.

Collard Update, 2 Weeks In

We have been experimenting with collard greens lately.  Two weeks ago we made a giant batch of collard green kim chee, and last week we pickled the stems.  Now it is time to check on the progress.    

The Rest of the Collards

On 26 March we posted about making collard green kim chee.  One of the steps involved pulling the leafs off of the stems. So the question was, could find any recipes using the stems?