Collard Kim Chee

A while back we went to a really nice brew pub (The Wrecking Bar).  This establishment offered collard green kim chee as a side.


Up to the point of ordering dinner, this place had been a home run.  The stone cellar ambiance, the fantastic bar, the kale ale cheese fondue (which we licked from the little cast iron dish), even the pickled veggies and pimiento cheese (normally I hate pimiento cheese but this was awesome) all said, “Love me.  Trust me.”  Then we sat down to order dinner…

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Curried Butternut and Apples

One of my favorite things about winter is winter squash.  The fact that acorns and butternuts, kobacha, and spaghetti squash are plentiful and cheap is a wonderful thing.

Actually, wait, it’s not one of the things i like about winter, it’s the thing i like about winter.  Cold weather and the sun setting at 6 PM — who can stand this?  At least i have yummy squash to help me get through the cold* darkness.

The only problem being that the squash are pretty big — one of them is more than Minos and i can eat in one meal.  So we chop them in half, and use each half separately.

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