CFBCS13: Received Cookies

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2013

This is the second part of my posting about The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2013. The first part details the cookies that i made and sent out.

Before we move on, perhaps a bit of explanation is warranted. The GFBCS is a yearly event wherein people who write about food on the internet trade cookies. Money is raised for charity, etc. But the important thing is that you get to bake and eat cookies! You make three dozen cookies and mail them to three people, and three other people mail you a dozen cookies each. Then, on a specified date (Wednesday 11 December), everyone posts the recipes for what they made.

Simple enough. Let’s look at the cookies.  For tasting these, Minos and i recruited her generally surly 14-year old son, in order to provide a disaffected teenager perspective on these cookies.


Going alphabetically, the first batch we received were Double Chocolate Pomegranate Cookies made  by Liz of What Dress Code?

I really liked the idea of pomegranate and chocolate in a cookie, and the cookies themselves were moist, with a slight burst of chocolate chips.


However, i wish there had been MORE pomegranate flavor, and the cookies were so moist they were crumbly. Minos said that she wanted more chocolatiness, and the teenager, well, since he wasn’t exactly sure what a pomegranate was, he would not even taste these.

Next we have Gingersnaps from Ashley of Cardio, Cats, and Cooking.  These were a moist, light gingersnap — not anything like the gingersnaps i make, which have to be eaten in a day or two or else they get so hard they will break your teeth.

CS13_gingersnapThe ginger flavor was balanced as well — not too overpowering, but plainly ginger.  The teenager noted that he liked these because they “do not set my mouth on fire”.

This was a good cookie, but i thought the “snap” in “gingersnap” had to do with them being harder cookies that, well, made a snapping sound when you break them.  These are more of a, well, a gingersquish cookie.  But, really, they were very yummy, and i would make these.

And finally we have Orange Spice Rye Shortbread with Cranberries by Taylor of Oh Dear Bakery.

CS13_ShortbreadThese are yummy.  At first i thought that i couldn’t really taste the rye in them, but there is something different — some slight tang that i can’t quite put my finger on.  I guess that is the rye.  I have never baked with rye in a sweet recipe, and maybe i need to experiment with that now.  Hmmm….

But it doesn’t matter, because all three of us liked these the best.  The shortbread is dense and flavorful, and the cranberries work really well. The turbinado sugar on the rim of the cookies really tied the flavors together.  Well done.

And in fact, all of them were great.  I had a lot of fun with this event, and as Minos can attest spent large portions of the year planning my cookie.  It took me a long time and many many bathches to settle on what i made this year.  I guess now i need to start planning my 2014 cookie.  I already have a few ideas….


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