Thyme Vinagrette

Well, now it is three weeks after i made the latest batch of thyme vinegar.  Let’s check on it..  Sadly, there really isn’t anything to photograph here that you did not see in the last post.  It is just a sealed bottle with a bunch of thyme seeping in vinegar.

The taste, after three weeks, is subtle.  The strong taste of the cider vinegar is slowly absorbing the fresh, lemony thyme flavor.  It has a long way to go, but hopefully not 4 years!

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Cheese.  It is surprisingly complex.  There is so much of it. And where do you begin learning about it?

Well, Minos and i have decided to learn about cheese.  The plan is that we will get a type of good cheese from one of the local markets.  We will sample it, think about it, and maybe cook with it some.  We will research the history of the cheese, and learn about where it is from, and what it is related to. Then we will post all of that here for you to read.

We have already started this series with the post about Robiola, and here is the second post, and it involves the Palestinian cheese Ackawi.

My research indicates that this is a cheese from the city of Acre, which is on the north end of the bay that the city of Haifa is in.  It is usually brined, although non-brined is available as well.  We got domestic cheese, the non-brined coming from The Rich Cow in Wisconsin while the brined is from Karoun in California

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Thyme Vinegar

I love thyme.  It has a delightful taste that i liken to lemony oregano.  It goes well in so many things.

5 years ago i had a thyme plant living in a flower pot on the front porch of my condo.  It grew like crazy, and i was swimming in thyme.  Thyme goes bad rather quickly, and since i had more than i could use i decided to try to make a thyme vinegar to use in marinades and salad dressings.

So i stuffed a bunch of thyme into an old, sterilized beer bottle with a flip-top lid and rubber seal, then filled it the rest of the way with cider vinegar.  I stuck a label to the bottle listing the date i made it — 17 August 2008 — and set it in the wine rack built into the cabinets of my condo.

And life went on.  And i completely forgot about this vinegar.

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