Blame Bobby Flay.  My mother (AKA Mimi) was watching a show in which he smeared a cheese called “ribiella? robiella?” on a pizza crust and topped it with asparagus.  From this observation, a mission was born.  I needed to find the cheese so that Mimi could make Bobby Flay pizza!  A Google search revealed that the cheese is called robiola.  Mimi said that Flay had described it as being similar to goat cheese, although it is a blend of different milks.  Searches of many markets came up empty.  Finally Star Provisions yielded up a $15 block of smething more like brie than what I imagined as goat cheese (a log of white fresh cheese).  I had my prize, but how did it compare to similar cheeses?  How would it fare on pizza?

In order to make a comparison, I got two soft ripened cheeses made from cow’s and goat’s milk respectively.  Then, on the off chance that I’d missed the robiola at Whole Foods (because I’d been looking for a log of goat cheese), I wentback there and found…with no sign and much cheaper…another robiola.  Hence we have four soft or mold ripened cheeses.

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July Food Swap

A while back, as part of Minos’ Never-Ending Quest for the Perfect Tamale (TM), we ended up at Goat Farm.  That is a pretty cool place in its own right, but while there i stumbled across a flyer for a Food Swap.

I looked up their FaceBook page, and the idea seemed simple enough:

A monthly meet up where we can trade homemade, homegrown, or foraged foods with each other.

So on Sunday July 7, in a temporary break in the non-stop deluge that we have been having this summer, Minos and i headed to Goat Farm.  To trade we took seven jars of home made jam: 1 blackberry, 2 mulberry-mango, and 4 mulberry.

The process is pretty simple.  Everyone sets their trade items on a table. Some people also brought stuff to sample, which i should have thought to do!   You have a little piece of paper that goes in front of your items, for people to write “bids”.

So you walk around sampling and looking at the items offered.  Then, when everyone has had time to look at everything, you go and write your name and what you are offering in trade on the piece of paper in front of what you want to trade for.  Other people who want your items will write on your piece of paper.  Then, once everyone has “bid”, you negotiate.

Our homemade jams seemed pretty popular.  For the seven jars we got:


  • a loaf of homemade banana bread
  • a jar of homemade Nutella
  • a bag of mixed nuts roasted with herbs
  • a bag of Chanterelle mushrooms foraged in North Georgia (major score here!)
  • a jar of nicely spiced apple-pear butter
  • 2 home grown tomatoes
  • 1 smallish cucumber, 3 smallish jalapenos, and a bag of collards and mixed lettuce greens

That’s not a bad haul at all.  I still have several jars of jam left, maybe i will bring some next month.  Or maybe Minos and i can bring some pickles…

We will be back though.  Definitely a cool idea.

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