Lenox Place Preserves

Neighborhoods are weird things, aren’t they?  I think they have to do with the human tendency to reduce big things down into a reasonable size.  What i mean is that i live in the neighborhood of Lenox Place, which is in Decatur, which is in Dekalb County, which is part of Metro Atlanta.

What sets my neighborhood apart except for a convenience of geography?  It is a small neighborhood with no business at all, really.  Just a group of diverse housing options lumped together with a name…

Am i supposed to feel “pride” for my neighborhood?  Am i supposed to be happy that we have this name, which really makes no sense.  I mean, Lenox Square Mall is miles away, so why are we named after it?

Okay, so maybe i am totally overthinking this.  Let’s just accept that i do not really understand “neighborhoods” and move on.

When i moved here i was struck by how much rosemary there is growing in the neighborhood.  Within 500 feet of my condo there are about 3 rosemary bushes that each reach about 4 feet in diameter.  That is a lot of rosemary, and at times the air can smell of it, especially when the bushes are blooming.

Later i noticed that for a few months in the early summer, there are a lot of trees that drop these dark, sweet berries.  Research showed that these are mulberry trees, and the berries are edible.  These trees are everywhere around here.  In fact, we have one at the end of the driveway for my condo building.


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